With the consumer push for sustainable logistics, how are DTC brands rethinking order fulfilment?

The customer simply wants logistics that are sustainable.

Even though many businesses only have a short amount of time to focus on getting boxes out the door right now, a better plan for how boxes are filled and delivered should be the main focus of any order fulfillment efforts. This is finished to help with the fast changes that will happen throughout the next few years.

We ought to investigate the causes of this as well as the ways in which a warehouse management system, which is an order fulfillment solution that is both flexible and adaptable, improves your capacity to meet these upcoming changes.

The reason: unprecedented delivery rates 

Early adopter e-commerce customers were thought to have a lot of money but little time. It was envisioned that they would require brand-new items as soon as they could obtain them.

To meet this demand, well-known Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) businesses began focusing on next-day and even same-day deliveries.

Orders from DTC are being fulfilled: connecting with the environmentally conscious customer 

On the other hand, over time, a growing number of environmentally conscious customers have joined that expanding community of e-commerce buyers. These customers are aware of and sensitive to the effects that their orders have on the supply chain and delivery.

At this point, sustainable logistics ought to be a crucial part of any DTC ecommerce order fulfillment program.

This is outlined by the idea of “food miles,” in which shoppers progressively favor nearby products that don’t need merchandise that aren’t in season to be flown in throughout the year. Also, they know about the chance of creating order patterns  that send a few almost empty vans to a similar area.

Today’s customers prefer, for instance, click-and-collect order fulfillment options, which allow for pick-up to take place on trips that have already been planned.

In any case, in order to avoid missing drops, they are looking for prearranged transportation. Additionally, when possible, bundle orders with other local customers and sources in more efficient delivery routes.

Options with long haul coordinated operations and zero emissions

The requirement for the neighborhood government to effectively take part in the improvement of super low outflow zones in metropolitan regions is turning out to be increasingly evident. Accordingly, zero-discharge last leg conveyance choices should be considered by transporters.

Direct-to-consumer service providers, such as manufacturers, retailers, marketplaces, shopping malls, and micro-fulfillment centers, are obligated to offer customers options for quick delivery that are also environmentally friendly.

What about all of those cardboard boxes? Numerous articles claim that “shipping air” and its direct effects are now synonymous with Amazon. Customers can attest to the difficulty of managing cardboard waste.

Order fulfillment technologies that enable you to offer sustainable packaging options and cartization, or automatically selecting the smallest appropriate packaging, are smart moves for DTC brands that want to connect with and build lasting relationships with their customers.

The fulfillment strategy needs to be aware that not all customers prefer immediate delivery. At this point, speed of delivery is not the most critical variable. In order to determine which carrier option is the most cost-effective and suitable for the customer, a wide range of options must be taken into consideration.

Additionally, the packaging strategy must be practical for the service provider in terms of lowering shipping costs for it to be deemed “best fit.”

A recent survey of shoppers and retailers found that 41% of retailers viewed shipping costs as their top concern in 2022, and a third of them thought this would continue to be a concern into 2023.

Assessment of everything: The best time to automate is now!

DTC brands that want to grow will be forced to rely on innovation to handle the work as volumes continue to rise and customers demand supportable planned operations.

There is a lot of interest in DOM and automated order management solutions with integrated rate shopping and shipping.

The best options will have internal capabilities for multi-carrier rate shopping and integrate directly with local and parcel carriers. Comparing shipping rates, creating labels, connecting to billing systems and tasks, and providing complete real-time tracking and documentation are all made simple by this.

These order fulfillment solutions also enable you to save a significant amount of money by continuously improving your operations. The system, for instance, can show packers which size box to use and automatically calculate the box’s dimensions. Your employees will learn how to combine multiple orders that are going to the same location and where it is possible to ship all of the goods in a single box through system-directed workflows.

These solutions provide support for work order management, custom label/packing slip generation by customer or trading partner, and EDI integration without the need for spreadsheets or manual analysis. which also virtually eliminates human error, resulting in substantial improvements in order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

People are given options by innovation; Options strengthen your brand 

Customers anticipate greater involvement, knowledge, and activity from their order fulfillment providers. They want to be able to specify the parameters of the delivery and then select from costed options. They might also be interested in understanding the effects of mentioning options for supportable planned operations.

Brands are increasingly focusing on how customers perceive a brand’s operating values. As the market steadily shifts toward more direct-to-consumer (DTC) and ecommerce sales, brands will need to take charge of order fulfillment and delivery options.

Because it demonstrates to their customers the standards they have come to expect from the brand, this makes it possible for both productive and efficient activities.

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